Black CG9C 161C 288C 553C 7622C 255C
433C 640C 347C 193C

Headlines and Titles General Use Sans Serif General Use Serif Public Outreach Headlines and Titles Messy Script Ornate Script


sRGB/Web#FFD100 (255, 209, 0)
CMYK0 9 100 0
CableUse 80090 (Lemon Yellow) or try 65001/67105 (Golden Yellow)
FS-595Use 13591 (Safety Yellow)
DMCTry 444 (Lemon Dark)
SubstitutionTry sunburst yellow, golden yellow, or another rich yellow variant
AvoidOrange, pale yellow
SourceLNC 2015 branding, similar to earlier colors
HistoryGold has been a major party color for years
UsageOnly use for structural elements, logos, or text against a black or at least dark background.  For white backgrounds use 130C.
NotesFor paper this color use Neenah Astrobrights Sunburst Yellow
AdoptedCirca 2018 (replaced Not-109C, which is not a valid Pantone color)
sRGB/Web#000000 (0, 0, 0)
CMYK100 100 100 100
CableUse 65018
FS-595Use 17038 (OSHA Black)
DMCUse 310 (Black)
HistoryBlack has long been the color of anarchy, and probably most of our members are anarchists
UsagePreferred background color; main text color to use against white
sRGB/Web#FFFFFF (255, 255, 255)
CMYK0 0 0 0
CableTry 65005
FS-595Try 37925
DMCUse 000 (Blanc) or 5200
SubstitutionUse the lightest color white available or practical when using physical media
UsageNon-black background; body text against black or other dark colors


Dark Gold
sRGB/Web#F2A900 (242, 169, 0)
CMYK0 32 100 0
SubstitutionUse a yellow orange that is dark enough to use against white
AvoidAnything that isn't dark enough to be readible against white.
UsageUse in place of 109C in situations on white or other light backgrounde where 109C would be insufficiently visible or legible.  Also be useful for gradients with 109C
Adopted2022 (replaced 124C, which is inconsistent across different media)
Dark Blue
sRGB/Web#002D72 (0, 45, 114)
CMYK100 80 6 32
CableTry 80076 (Independence)
FS-595Use 15056 or 15055
DMCTry 820 (Royal Blue Very Dark)
SubstitutionTry Navy Blue
AvoidReflex Blue, Ultramarine Blue
SourceLPTexas 2015 branding and Libertarian Statue Press specifications; similar to earlier colors
HistoryDark Blue is the longest-serving constant element of Libertarian Party branding and goes all the way back to 1972.
UsageUse for title text, dark graphical elements when an alernative to black and gold is desired.  Also use for public outreach materials and naturally the Classical Statue Logo.
AdoptedAugust 2017
Near-Black Gray
sRGB/Web#1D252D (29, 37, 45)
CMYK90 68 41 90
CableTry 65010 (Black)
DMCTry 3371 (Black Brown) or 3799 (Pewter Gray Very Dark)
SubstitutionUse a gray that's noticeably darker than Cool Gray 11C or a halftone of black (specification of halftone pending)
SourceChosen as a darker gray to supplement the Cool Gray scale.  This color was subsequently added to the Libertarian Statue Press traditional branding specifications.
UsageWhen Cool Gray 11C isn't dark enough and for gradients with black
Dark Gray
PMSCool Gray 11C
sRGB/Web#53565A (83, 86, 90)
CMYK44 34 22 77
CableUse 80159 (West Point Grey)
FS-595Use 26008
DMCTry 3799 (Pewter Gray Very Dark)
SubstitutionTry what's available for dark or medium gray
AvoidSilver, Steel Gray
SourceLNC 2015 branding
HistoryGray was not part of LP branding prior to late 2015
UsageUse this or 433C for title text on white backgrounds when gray is desired
Medium Gray
PMSCool Gray 9C
sRGB/Web#75787B (117, 120, 123)
CMYK44 34 22 77
FS-595Use 16187 (Mechanic Gray) or 26187
CableUse 80141 (Steel)
SubstitutionTry what's available for dark or medium gray
AvoidSilver, Steel Gray
SourceLNC 2015 branding
HistoryGray was not part of LP branding prior to late 2015
UsageUse for fills and backgrounds for white or gold text when gray is desired.  For gray headline or title text, please use Cool Gray 11C or 433C.  For body text, use black.
Light Gray
PMSCool Gray 4C
sRGB/Web#BBBCBC (187, 188, 188)
CMYK12 8 9 23
CableUse 65008/67137 (Silver Grey)
SubstitutionLight gray or silver
UsageWhen a lighter gray than Cool Gray 9C is needed
NotesDo not use for text
sRGB/Web#0082BA (0, 130, 186)
CMYK100 10 3 16
FS-595Use 15182
CableUse 80176 (Oriental Blue)
DMCTry 995 (Electric Blue Dark)
SubstitutionTry what's available for Cerulean or Turquise; some blues are more this than blue and may work as well
AvoidCyan, Steel Gray, actual Blue
SourceLPTexas 2015 branding and Libertarian Statue Press specifications
HistoryThis color was not historically part of Libertarian Party branding, but it has been used as a drop-in replacement for dark blue
UsageFor when 288C is too dark or heavy.  Do not use with dark blue for any details that need to be visible; do not use for the Classical Statue Logo
AdoptedAugust 2017
Dark Red
sRGB/Web#93272C (147, 29, 44)
CMYK0 87 89 45
CableUse 65020/67113 (Brick Red)
FS-595Use 11140
SubstitutionTry what's available for Dark Red or Deep Red
AvoidMedium or light red, Libertarian Statue Press, LPTexas 2015 branding reccomendations
HistoryRed has traditionally been used with political materials in the United States, and this includes Libertarian Party materials.
UsageFor special uses where a red is called for
AdoptedAugust 2017
sRGB/Web#BF0D3E (191, 13, 62)
CMYK2 99 62 11
CableUse 80108 Old Glory Red
FS-595Try 11086
SubstitutionTry what's available for red
AvoidBright red, warm red, magenta, pink
SourceLPTexas 2014 branding, Libertarian Statue Press
UsageAttention-grabbing highlights; brighter red for special uses when 7622C is too dark
Dark Green
sRGB/Web#284734 (40, 71, 52)
CMYK82 30 65 76
CableUse 67131 (Army Green)
FS-595Use 14036
DMCTry 890 (Pistachio Green Ultra Dark)
SubstitutionTry what's offered for dark green
AvoidMedium Green, Light Green
SourceLPTexas Branding circa 2014, Libertarian Statue Press
UsageFor special uses and Libertarian Vanguard
AdoptedAugust 2017
sRGB/Web#009A44 (0, 154, 68)
CMYK93 0 100 0
CableUse 80119 (Primitive Green)
FS-595Use 14193
DMCTry 911 (Emerald Green Medium)
SubstitutionTry Forest Green
SourceEd Clark for President 1980
UsageFor special uses where a green is called for; Libertarian Vanguard
sRGB/Web#603D20 (96, 61, 32)
CMYK16 67 100 71
CableUse 80168 (Caramel Brown)
FS-595Use 30108
DMCTry 801 (Coffee Brown Dark)
SubstitutionTry what's available for Brown
SourceLibertarian Statue Press
UsageFor special uses where a brown is called for
AdoptedAugust 2017
sRGB/Web#72246C (114, 36, 108)
CMYK53 96 10 24
Cable80102 (Imperial Purple)
DMCTry 552 (Violet Medium) or 3834 (Grape Dark)
SubstitutionTry what's offered for Purple or Violet
SourceLPNevada and Libertarian Statue Press
UsageFor special uses where a purple is called for
sRGB/Web#88DBDF (136, 219, 223)
CMYK40 0 14 0
CableUse 80021 (Blue Turquoise)
FS-595Try 35466
DMCTry 3766 (Peacock Blue Light) or 359 (Sea Green Medium)
SubstitutionTry what's offered for Cyan, Aqua, or Blue-Green
AvoidSteel Gray, Light Blue
SourceEarlier SIGLIB recommendations
UsageUse on black; for white or other light-colored backgrounds use 288C or 640C


sample of Tex Gyre Adventor fonts Avant Garde
RoleWordmark, headlines, and titles
DownloadTex Gyre Adventor
FreeTex Gyre Adventor, URW Gothic L
ProprietaryITC Avant Garde
SubstitutionSpartan, Futura, Twentieth Century, Century Gothic, Apple Gothic
AvoidGeometric Sans typefaces with double story lowercase as.
Suggested Font Stack"Tex Gyre Adventor", "Avant Gard", AvantGard, "Avant Garde", TeXGyreAdventorBold, TeXGyreAdventorRegular, "Spartan MB", "League Spartan", Spartan, Futura, Futura-Bold, "Futura Bold", "Century Gothic", CenturyGothic, "Apple Gothic", AppleGothic, "URW Gothic L", TwCen, "Twentieth Century", "Futura PT", "Heiti SC", "Heiti TC", "Didact Gothic", Questrial, Muli, Avenir, Sofia, "Gill Sans", GillSans, Kabel, OptiKabel, sans-serif;
HistoryThis typeface was used by the previous Radical Caucus, especially during the original run of Libertarian Vanguard. Other known historical usage includes the Free Libertarian Party (NY) circa 1974 and LPNews (mid 1980s).  This and other geometric sans typefaces have often been used on an ad-hoc basis as well.
UsageHeadlines and titles
Adopted2019 (replaced Roboto 2014, which had replaced Verlag and Chivo)
sample of Roboto (2014) fonts Roboto (2014)
RoleSans Serif, body text
DownloadRoboto 2014
Roboto Mono
FreeRoboto (Google, 2014). Heebo (Oded Ezer)
SubstitutionArial, Roboto (Google, 2012), Helvetica
AvoidDejaVu Sans, Bitstream Vera Sans, Segoe, Segoe UI, Frutiger
SourceLNC 2015 branding
HistoryThis typeface has not historically been part of Libertarian Party branding, but consistent and specific body text typefaces in historical party branding have been poorly documented
UsageUse for body text
NotesBeware of Roboto (2012), which has the same name and creator but isn't the same typeface. It should only be used as a fallback substitution, along with Arial, et al

Condensed and monospaced variants exist.
AdoptedCirca December 2016
sample of Alegreya fonts Alegreya
RolesSerif, body text, button messages, serif headlines
FreeAlegreya (Juan Pablo del Peral)
SubstitutionVollkorn, Alda, Mendoza Roman, Elena
UsageButtons, any time that a serif typeface is desired
NoteBlack/Heavy weeight preferred for buttons, headlines, and titles using this typeface
AdoptedCirca December 2016
sample of Microgramma/Eurostile fonts Microgramma
RoleHeadlines, titles, signs, buttons, and bumper stickers
FreeLibertygramma (Libertarian Statue Press, black/heavy only)
Michroma (Google, light only)
MicroExtend FLF (Casady & Greene)
Federation Bold (Unknown)
ProprietaryMicrogramma (Nebiolo, et al)
Eurostile (Nebiolo, et al)
Eurostile Next (Linotype)
Bi Bi Demi (, Square 721 (Bitstream)
Europe (TypeMarket)
Eurostar (MGI)
Suggested Font Stack'libertygramma_ac', 'Libertygramma AC', Libertygramma, EurostileExt-Bla, EurostileExtBla, MicrogrammaDBol, MicrogrammaDBolExt, MicrogrammaBol, Eurostile-Bla, EurostileBla, Eurostile-Black, Microgramma, Eurostile, Michroma, 'Federation Bold', Federation2, Federation, 'Federation 2', Acens, Helvetica-Black-SemiBold, HelveticaBlackSemiBold, 'Helvetica Black Semi Bold', 'Arial Black', ArialBlack, Arial-Black, Impact, Haettenschweiler, 'League Gothic', Charcoal, Fantasy, Sans-Serif;
SourceParty Branding all the way back to 1972
HistoryUse of this typeface dates all the way back to the Libertarian Party's 1972 press release and is used on the original TANSTAAFL logo. It is one of the two most enduring and consistently used typefaces in party history. The other, Engravia, sadly lacks a free version and is thereby less practical.
UsagePublic outreach materials, especially for headlines and titles
NoteHistorical use is exclusively black/heavy, extended, and SCREAMING CAPITALS. Never use lowercase letters. Recent usage has included variable widths.
AdoptedAugust 2020
sample of Journal fonts Journal (Fontourist)
RoleEmphasis, Decorative, and speech balloons
FreeJournal (Fontourist, free for personal use/donsationware)
AvoidOther handwritten or script typefaces
SourceLNC 2015 branding
HistoryThis typeface has not historically been part of Libertarian Party branding
UsageWhen a handwritten typeface is needed.
sample of Chopin Script font Chopin Script
DownloadChopin Script
FreeChopin Script (normal only)
ProprietaryChopin Script (all other weights)
SubstitutionFlaemische Kanzleeischrift, Polonaise, Englische Schreibschrift
UsagePlaces where an ornate typeface is desired
NoteAdditional non-free weight exist
AdoptedCirca December 2016
Note: All color specifications are built around Pantone® Coated colors and use officially Pantone-provided sRGB and CMYK values.  No exceptions.  Pantone is a registered trademark of Pantone LLC.